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Horror Fellas:

I'm A JigSaw Apprentice by PsychoSlaughtermanI'm A LeatherFace Lover by PsychoSlaughtermanI'm A Freddy Fan by PsychoSlaughterman


TMNT Krang Stamp 3 by dA--bogeyman :heart: TMNT Shredder Stamp 1 by dA--bogeyman :iconbigheartplz: :icondeyedplz:

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Adorable Chunks of Mutants:

TMNT Bebop + Rocksteady Stamp by dA--bogeyman :icondawhatplz: :iconharharplz:

TMNT Stamp - 80s Fan Krang by Fulcrumisthebomb


Design like...which of these five characters of me you like the most? 

5 deviants said Karai by SuperbGenetics
1 deviant said Napoleon by SuperbGenetics
1 deviant said Ukuro by SuperbGenetics
1 deviant said Cheriin by SuperbGenetics
No deviants said Zheta by SuperbGenetics


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Cornelia Gabriele Frühbeißer
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Hank PymxJanet van Dyne
Dr.DoomxWanda Maximoff(Scarlet Witch)
Red-SkullxCaptain America

PavixBlind Mag

Hody JonesxZeo
Ceasar CrownxMonet

Current Projects i am working on and maybe even someday will finish them:

The Revenge(Fanfiction)

Various Comics

Current Residence: A town called Nürnberg ~
deviantWEAR sizing preference: 38 :/
Print preference: nothing
Favourite genre of music: Classic, Goth, Hard Rock.
Favourite style of art: Digital
MP3 player of choice: Emotional OST of all times
Skin of choice: White, blue like a shark or something like that.
Favourite cartoon character: Shredder, Krang, Zordrak, Lemongrab, Prinz Fiesepeter, Shendu usw.
Favourite Horror Character: Leatherface and his Family the Sawyers ~ To a lesser extent also Jigsaw and Michael Myers.

Favourite other movie characters: The Largo Family of Repo!the genetic opera

Personal Quote: Oh really?


Aeon by SuperbGenetics
Name: Aeon

Age: 9

Parents: Zak and Zheta

Birthday: 12.6





-Miyoko Saki


-Shredders father (unknown location, probably deceased)



Race: 1/4 Utrom 1/4 Neutrino 1/8 Human






Short Biography:

Aeon is the former siamesian twin of Sadie and her slightly younger sister. Growing up in a family which could not be more difficult, Aeon soon learned to rely on herself and became a very mature and calm girl who mostly stays for herself, she got some serious insecurities about her height and weight and is also very anxious about nearly anything. Aeon don't like to stand in the spotlight and acts very shy around other people. Only towards her family she got halfway decent ability to express herself.
She sometimes but not often also relies on her older sister who spends a lot of time with her. Sadie makes her feel secure in a way that makes her comfortable enough to show her more light-hearted side of character. In her company she joins in various fun games and is also able to laugh without hesitation albeit very quiet.

She is able to use telepathy on a very low level but it's very difficult for her to get a steady connection. Most of the times she is too afraid to look into other people's mind, afraid of conversating with them.
Her dream is to become a famous novel writer which perfectly synchrons with her hobby, writing short stories about her life and her family. Aeon has a way with words and is supported by her grandfather Shredder who once also wanted to be a writer instead of a world conquereor.  Thanks to her great-grandmother she also is able to speak japanese and is able to write the language fluently. She often speaks to herself in japanese if she don't want that anyone can understand her.
Aeon has a good relationship with Sadie and also her father, with her mother however she shares a rather rocky bond, both are very insecure around each other which gets awkward rather quickly.

Just like Sadie she visits her Great-Grandmothers regulary to make them happy. She also enjoy the bonding time with the elder womans who have a special bond with her, especially Miyoko found a liking to Aeon, teaching her old japanese kanjis, learning her the japanese language and culture. 

And the other one, also a little bit updated :iconbritts-demesne:
Sadie by SuperbGenetics
Name: Sadie

Age: 9

Parents: Zak and Zheta

Occupation: Pupil

Birthday: 21.3





-Miyoko Saki


-Shredders father(unknown location, probably deceased)



Race: 1/4 Utrom 1/4 Neutrino 1/8 Human







Sadie is Zak and Zheta's oldest child, she has a twin sister which is called Aeon. Sadie is a fearless and independent but at the same time very demanding child which impulsiveness sometimes take the best of her, making Sadie a real handful to take care for.
She is used to get her will and knows how to act to get what she wants. Mostly this is her grandfather Shredders fault seeing as he spoils her on every occasion much to Zhetas and Zak's dismay. 

At the same time Sadie is observant over her surroundings and knows how to sneak up on people. Sadly she is also sometimes a real klutz and tend to butch things up if she is too hasty in her actions...
Aeon, Sadie's  slightly younger sister was conjoined with her sister on the hip but they got seperated shortly after birth. She has a good relationship with her former siamesian twin and likes to hang out with her alot or planning pranks on others(heavily supported by Napoleon, their joke loving uncle). Unlike her mother however she is not able to transform into another form and is also not able to use the part of her Utrom DNA which gave her mother Zheta psychokinetic powers. Her intelligence is high in either way and she wants to step in her mothers footsteps in becoming a scientist.

She prefers to wear skirts and loves the color black. Her favourit foods are fried makarel and spaceballs(meaty balls in a very special very hot sauce).
As Sadie is part Neutrino she got pointy ears and appears very normal in case of lookings. She has short blond hair and differently colored eyes(an inherit from her mother they assume but nobody is quiet sure)

Her hobbies are playing guitar and piano(which she is very good at thanks to private teachers her parents arranged) but also doing science stuff, watching her mother in her daily work in hope to have such high success as Zheta in the field of science and genetic. She also loves to play pranks.

Sadie often visits her great-grandmothers Kiaara and Miyoko(who builded some kind of WG for lonely old hearts-it was Kiaara's idea...)on New Utrominon(a small planet in the circulation of the main Planet Utrominon only inhabitated by Kiaara and her friend. With the help of their son's both woman builded a big, roamy house all for themselfes with a giant garden and surrounding Flora and Fauna.) She always enjoy these trips because their little planet truly had everything a child could dream off, huge lonely places with much room to play and discovering all kinds of stuff.

I updated the bio a little bit. This is for you :iconbritts-demesne: Just as little orientation ;D
Zakary Acured Neutron by SuperbGenetics
Zakary Acured Neutron
Stages of Zakary Neutron, the friendly badass Neutrino and boyfriend of Zheta. Beware, this dude can beat you in a second!

He wanted to go to the armee but later on found his talent in programming and engineering more enticing and decided to go into this career path.
Zak is a very funny and joyful guy who loves to laugh and to be happy. He also wants that everyone around him is equally happy and content. 

A detailed Backgroundstory will follow soon:

Zakary Acured Neutron

Age: 17(first appearance)

Race: Neutrino 

Parents: Maurie(Father)


Family: Zheta(wife)








Zak was born as only child to Maurie and Izzla on Planet Neutrino. Since his earliest childhood Zak was dreaming of joining the ranks of the armee and to battle tooth and nails on the battlefield. He was training very hard nearly all the time, every day of the week until he was able to store a lot of power for his young age.
With the tender age of 10 he began to train with weapons whom he stole from dimwitted outlaws who visited Neutrino. In his birthplace criminality was high and marauders were not an uncommon sight on the streets of the planet.

He started with small caliber guns and worked himself up to storm weapons and higher artillery and soon was able to look back on a broad knowledge of weapons no matter what size and power. One faithful day Zakary and his mother were strolling around Neutrinos busiest place after grocery shopping and encountered a small gang of misfits with rather bloodthirsty methods. They were after quick money and began to attack Zakary and Izzla. Now the young Neutrinos knowledge of fighting and weapons was coming through and he was able to hold them back for a short while. Until one moment where he was unconcentrated...a criminal was aiming at his heart and pulled the trigger. Izzla was panicked and jumped in the line of the bullet to rescue her son, reassuring her death penalty.

Shortly after the incident on the streets of Neutrino, his father also got very sick and soon after that died in his sleep, leaving Zakary alone.

He was 15 at this point and decided to take his life in his own hands now, so short handled he signed up for the armee but was refused due to his young age. Frustrated by this setback Zakary began to train even harder, fueled by the rage of his parents loss due to his own unawareness of the surroundings.

Zakary was mischievous, tricky and agile enough to make a living for himself. He began to take assassinating missions in trade for money and food. Due to his long and hard training this job was more then enough to keep him up the water and to make a rather comfortable life possible.

At the age of 16 he had gathered enough money to buy himself a small house and a highly advanced computer which he tinkered on furthermore to utilize him even better. This time he also got a hovercar and various gadgets which could be used for building machines and technical gizmos. He teached himself all the basics thanks to the intergalactical net which he gained access to thanks to his contacts he was able to make in all his various missions.

His originally plan was to try it again for a place in the armee but after a while he decided it was better to stay on his own feet and to do his own thing, his very own way of living.

Shortly after his 17th birthday however Zak's luck was ending and he was found by the police. Thanks to a tip from one of his buddies he was able to flee just in time, before that he destroyed his computer and all data he had gathered so far. The hovercar brought Zak quickly away from Neutrino and into the wide depths of Dimension X.

On his escape route he encountered a giant asteroid with lots and lots of fauna on it. Even a few volcanoes were there. He decided this would be a safe place for hiding and began to land. Zak short handled took one of the many caves and began to make himself comfortable with the few things he took with himself.
Later on Zakary discovered the Technodrome and his inhabitants. There he also first met Zheta and it was a mutual interesting right from the start. Time over time both were feeling more as simply friendship for each other and began to date on a regular basis. First of course in secret due to Krang's extreme hate for Neutrinos, later on as Zak somehow was able to gain Krangs trust(albeit just a little bit) they could meet without any fear and enjoy each others embrace.

One day then they also married and became proud parents of twin sisters.

Zakary is a happy and well mannered guy who always tries to see the good things in life, no matter what happened in the past. His strenghts are in close combat and weaponry. More so he is able to look back to a wide spread knowledge of self defense techniques and an astonishing understanding of gizmos of all kind.
Because of his past, Zak learned to be independent from an early age on. He is well in taking help from others, it hurts his pride. Zak also has a high leveled protective sense and does anything to keep away harm from his loved ones and family.

Zheta and him were on one line from the beginning, both loved programming and building new machines and weaponry, they learned from each other.

Unlike the other Neutrinos, Zak is not above in taking military actions and battles if needed. Zak tends to be a thick-headed bastard sometimes too, on these rare occasions nothing is right in his view and his opinion is the only thing that counts...The brute side of Zakary however rarely does show up and if it does, it won't stay for long. Most of the time Zakary is very friendly and peaceful.

After his and Zhetas marriage both builded a small house for themselfes on a little planet near Neutrino where they also became parents to Sadie and Aeon a short time later.

Zakary is the CEO of Neutron Inc. and unofficial leader of the Stone Warriors after Lieutnant Tragg and Granitor were killed in battle. Krang who saw Zaks talent for military tactics and strenght decided it would be a good decision to put him in this position(and because he could boss around Zakary on this way officially) 

Gabry by SuperbGenetics
For :iconbat-snake:

Her Fancharacter Gabry ~ I left it as outlinen so you can color it yourself :) Hope you like it ~

The Revenge (TMNT AU Fanfiction)

Part 1:

The RevengeI have many stories surrounding my TMNT AU of Shredder and Krangs mutant family, this here is another one which plays shortly after the end of Season 10 of the old cartoon, shortly after the creation of Karaii and co.
Lord Dregg, the ever spiteful, hate filled madman was not happy about his defeat at all and decided to come back even worse as before. Unfortunately for Shredder and Krang, Dregg planned to take revenge on them first before going after these misfits of Turtles.
Alone and without any help this time Dregg works on a plan to once and for all show everyone and really everyone in the known universe and galaxies that he is the most evil and dangerous being ever! And all the other junk he was blabbering about.
Just like Krang and Family he is still trapped in Dimension X, on a far away planet covered up in ice all over. One day however there was word coming up to him about the whearabouts of his self-proclaimed enemies, Shredder and Krang. His fire of revenge flared up again and

Part 2:

The Revenge Part 2The Revenge
Anm: Hey there fellas, this here is Chapter 2 and will contain full packed action and a truly evil team up which comes in handy later on ~
A little more of the private lifes of Shredder and Co. is described here and also the relationship between Zheta and Ukuro is showing up for the first time.
Read the rest to make a picture for yourself :)
Chapter 2:
"Dinner and Evil Team-Ups"
Zheta was standing in the elevator looking a little bored. She secretly wished for spending more time with Zak right now but sadly this had to wait until the dreaded ordeal called "dinner" was over. She sighed annoyed and walked out as the elevator stopped at the main deck.
Foot-Soldiers bowed towards her which she pushed off with a grunt. Without saying a word Zheta walked up to her place and sat down, not looking at anyone in particular. She was sitting right besides Krang and opposite to Karaii. Much to her annoyance Napoleon decided to switch places with Cheriin who was used to sitting at Zh

Part 3:

The Revenge Part 3Welcome back with Chapter 3. I hope you enjoy this part as much i did in writing it. I put in some sappy romance/cheap plot device too, with some tragedy and comedy.
I think the mixture is okay.
As always i am giddy to get feedback every time so you're free to comment here too :)
Without any further words, enjoy ~
The Revenge Part 3
Chapter 3:
We are now in Shreekas ship where she and Dregg were sitting on a table with two glasses filled with the previously mentioned expensive wine.
Last time as we met these two they decided to build an alliance against Shredder and Krang to get their revenge at long last. After Shreeka beamed up Dregg into her ship they made themselfes comfortable and started talking and drinking wine to seal their partnership.
Dregg was good into his permilles already and began to make silly jokes which made Shreeka laugh pretty hard. They messed around for a while and soon were closely sitting together, head against head, sinning over old times a


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